Óbidos – Nazaré – Tomar

We will visit three beautiful Portuguese towns. Each of them has its own unique history and legends.


White buildings with red tile roofs surrounded by blooming plants. What could be more romantic, right? And Portuguese kings knew it. This small town surrounded by the medieval walls was one of the wedding gifts for future Portuguese queens.

Nowadays, its still looks the same as centuries ago, except numerous cafes and shops, where people can try famous Óbidos Ginjinha (Portuguese cherry liquor) in a chocolate shotglass.


This small town always attracted people. Few centuries ago there were pilgrims who came here to visit the Black Madonna of Nazare. Nowadays, there are surfers, who cоme here to catch the biggest waves in the world. And not to forget the breathtaking views and beautiful beaches.


The Templars were one of the most famous medieval knight orders. The Convent of Christ in Tomar was one of their castles on the territory of Portugal. Different parts of the Convent were built throughout centuries, so it became an unforgettable mix of different architecture styles.

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8 hours
8:30 AM
Meeting point:
by agreement
small group
70 per person


  • Hotel pick-up and drop-off
  • Guided tour (by one of our guides)
  • Transport services (type of bus depending on the group size)
  • Ginjinha tasting

Extra expenses:

  • Lunch – 15-20 euros (You will have free time for lunch in Nazare. Could be arranged by us).
  • Tomar entrance ticker (6 euros)