As soon as daylight started to fade — Lisbon started to change. We will see how disappearing sun will paint the city in different colors and how the night life of the city begins.

We will walk through the beautiful streets, squares and visit viewpoints, where you will be able to add a lot of beautiful photos into your phone camera roll. During our walk we will learn urban legends and history of this unique European city.


Alfama is the most beautiful and ancient neighborhoods of Lisbon. The strongest earthquake in the kingdom of Portugal happened in 1755 century. The result of this earthquake was a destruction of Lisbon. Only few districts weren’t destroyed and Alfama was one of them. Because of that it saved its medieval architecture and charm. Magnificent views, narrow streets and ancient walls are awaiting you here.


The centre of Lisbon is unusual, because when the city itself has more than 2000 years history, most buildings in the centre are not older than 250 years. This situation is connected with the earthquake, which happened in 1755. However, it doesn’t mean that centre isn’t beautiful. On the other side it is has its own unique style and charm. Buildings, which were built by Marques Pombal are remarkable.

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3 hours
7:00 PM
Meeting point:
Martim Moniz Square
small group
20 per person


  • Guided walking tour (by one of our guides)